Our inspirations

Language is one of the most poignant markers of our identity from the words we use to even the very name of the languages we speak. Language policies are fundamental in shaping linguistic practices, and in turn, local or national identity, often bringing about political consequences. This presentation will look at the roles of language planning and policy in the public sphere throughout the ages and discuss how they have contributed to shaping and developing language as well as defining linguistic use and affiliation in the modern era.

The population of the world is only getting more diverse. With the attempts being made through the intercultural learning and self-development to gets as many people involved as possible, practice are likely to start seeing the world in different perspectives. Some of the greatest issues arising from this trend are language and cultural barriers that tend to come into play, but breaking them down for our future can be much easier than we might think.

Polyglot Indonesia National Gathering 2017

Polyglot Indonesia National Gathering 2017 (PING2017) is an annual event in which Polyglot Indonesia’s members from all chapters around Indonesia could meet and get to know each other. This event primarily serves as a means to consolidate the organizational aspects of Polyglot Indonesia itself, which is needed to broaden the scope of Polyglot Indonesia to encompass and also reach more regions and people alike nation-wide.

Aside from the intra-organizational goal, this event and also serves as a platform of Polyglot Indonesia to achieve its goals, which is to promote language and culture learning through entertaining and also substantive activities to the general public. Thus, Polyglot Indonesia envisioned its activities and also its organization to be as open as possible to the general public as an environment in which the learning and practice of languages are encouraged. Reflecting on those visions, PING 2017 will have two public events in its schedule, which are Public Seminar and Singing Competition.

These events are formulated with the intention to spread awareness of the importance of language learning and also to promote Polyglot Indonesia as a medium of language learning, which we expect to be fulfilled.



Polyglot Indonesia

Polyglot Indonesia is a platform to increase cultural awareness and communication proficiency. It is also a platform for citizens to inspire and innovate in the learning process, practice, exchanging values, and collaborate on language and culture varies from ages.

Polyglot Indonesia started its activities since 2010 as a community for language enthusiast with the aim to support language practise in a fun and relaxed environment. Polyglot Indonesia aspires to become a national-scale organization for Indonesians to use as a base to practise their language skills. We are certain that our organization will contribute to a positive change to Indonesia and its people.

Polyglot Indonesia currently stands on 12 chapters spread over Indonesia, catering to a different audience with different activities in each chapter to encourage language practice and cultural exploration of its members. Despite of the diversity however, Polyglot Indonesia envisions an inspirational platform for Indonesians in the fields of culture and languages.

Polyglot Indonesia aims its activities to:
- Facilitating language practice activities that support personal development, career and education. (includes language exchange meetups)
- Supporting and Implementing activities involving cultural and language exchange that contribute to increase its members’ cross-cultural understanding as well as capacity & skills set development.
- Facilitating gatherings, information exchange on study and work opportunities
- Developing attitudes and mindsets that is constructive, high-quality, creative and independent through dialogues and capacity development measures for participants of Polyglot Indonesia’s activities.